From Mallorca, Spain in the summer of 2018 with Kenzie, a friend who traveled with me.

From Mallorca, Spain in the summer of 2018 with Kenzie, a friend who traveled with me.

Anthropology + Research

I’ve discovered something. Something that speaks to my curiosity about others, their traditions, food, and what makes them unique to the huge world we reside in. I discovered anthropology: the study of human societies which includes linguistics, cultural anthropology, biological anthropology and archeology.

My interests have developed into many different sectors of which have directed my current research plans and interests for the future. During the months of May - August 2019, I plan to research what people believe is appropriate forms of pain care in a city just outside of London, England. Due to my own personal background in chronic pain and pain management, my curiosity and desire to impact the experience for the better among others who suffer with pain, has driven my research to look outside of the states in a country which we hold heritage with, but that spurs a different culture across the water.

The magic of anthropology is its methodologies and techniques of research, might it be through interviews (qualitative data) or surveys (quantitative data). Photography and videography can even be used to document culture in an ethnographic way (the graphical form of studying people by documenting in writing human behaviors) which is considered visual anthropology! This also is of interest.

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boundaryless@NAU + Undergraduate Research

The above images are from the innovation lab I help manage at Northern Arizona University’s campus, boundaryless@NAU. A place for working on a project that solves a real world problem to create applicable solutions, this space provides students with a central location to meet with others, might it be other team members, professors or community members. In our lab, undergraduate research has join us. Together, it’s becoming more and more clear how important research is for business development, user experience, management, and design! Slowly breaking the stereotype research is only for STEM…